Sunday, December 28, 2014

Poop Cat

I have a very sweet, yet at times challenging cat. Let's call her "Poop Cat".

When Poop Cat came home, she was super skinny, and had some litter box problems right away.
Like not knowing where it was. Or what it was. We're not sure.

After NUMEROUS attempts at fixing the problem ourselves, nothing seemed to work, and we had to confine her to the kitchen at night. (Linoleum cleans easily.)
So it seemed we had a hopeless cat. We were doomed to clean poop of the kitchen floor forever.

About two months ago, we discovered that Poop Cat wasn't retarded, but had feline hyperthyroidism. She wasn't healthy! The being skinny, and having box problems where two big signs we didn't even know where signs.

So, now on medicine, she is doing A LOT better. Poop Cat is gaining weight, and using her box almost regularly now.

Poop cat does do "protest poops" though. If we all go out, and leave her alone for an extended time, she will poop on the floor. Usually in the middle, or in front of the sink. I'm convinced she does this on purpose.

When we do get home, she regrets her decision to poop on the floor, and lacking thumbs to clean it up, feels bad about it.

She is getting better.


But better.

Still poops on the floor.

But better.

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