Monday, January 19, 2015


Artist Boyfriend and I went to a nice Mexican restaurant for dinner recently.

When we were finished, I paid the bill like normal. 

I thought everything would be fine. 
Yes, I had ordered a new debit card due to a hack of a place I had shopped at, yet it had not arrived yet. 
The bank assured me that my old card would work until the new one arrived. 

They were wrong.

The waiter came back with the dreaded words, "I'm so sorry miss, your card has been declined."

My worst fear had just come to light. The reason I hold my breath when I check out anywhere with my card. 
A panic attack was setting in, there was nothing I could do.

Maybe I could try to melt into my chair?

I knew this wouldn't work, as I have tried it before.

I actually drove home, leaving Artist Boyfriend at the restaurant, to scrounge some quarters from our piggy bank.

($13.56, plus a $4 tip, by the way.)

Everything did turn out okay, and the waiter didn't seem to mind. 

Every business needs a crap-ton of change, right? 

... Right?

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