Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trying New Antidepressants: A Beginner's Observations

Having depression and anxiety, I have tried a plethora of different antidepressant medications. Actually, I am still trying to find one that is "just right" for me. I suppose I may be a bit physically sensitive to antidepressants, and thus I have had a hard time finding any I can tolerate for more than a few days.

Sometimes, especially the first few I tried, they make my legs feel really weird, plus other odd, distressing physical sensations. 

They can make me feel "out-of-touch" with myself, which makes me even more distressed, particularly in public.

Other times, they make me nauseous.

I think worst of all, some of them do nothing to help.

So this all comes to me calling my Doctor's office, and politely requesting I have an appointment for a med check up.

My Doctor is super nice, even though I've been a bit grumpy towards her at times. She always works with me, and I always take her advice.

After the med check up, she usually prescribes something new, and I'm off to the pharmacy to try this whole process over again. 

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